"Cake & Kittens"
Season 0, Episode 10
Production code: 100-010
Airdate: August 24, 2013
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Patrick McHale
Kent Osborne
Pendleton Ward
Written &
storyboarded by:
Cole Sanchez
Rebecca Sugar
"My Story"
"The Kittens"


Prince Gumball and Cake look for Fionna and Lord Monochromicorn, who are missing after a run-in with the Ice Queen.


Gumball and Cake are trying to find Lord and Fionna who have been missing for three weeks after battling with the Ice Queen. Cake discusses her apprehensions while Gumball makes some tea with his tea robot. Gumball then tells her that the Ice Queen is not a major threat and with science on their side, they have the advantage. Gumball and Cake then fly off into the black ice cave where he can't get any signal on her GPS and relies on his heart signature machine where three heart signatures are detected, thought to be Fionna, Lord, and Ice Queen. He also sees several hearts on the monitor, but dismisses them. They both go into a realm where they are attacked by an army of evil hands. They escape, and Gumball hears the Ice Queens voice through an air vent. Gumball tells Cake to proceed, using the heart signatures as navigation. They are nearly crushed by an enormous tongue, and Cake stretches into another room. Much to their surprise, giant eyes on the wall open and shoot laser beams. Cake is hit and badly injured, unable to use her powers.

Gumball carries Cake into a dark passageway. After noticing that he is near Fionna and Cake, he finds Ice Queen on the floor, with a hole in her chest and what seem to be veins spread on the floor. Gumball then drops the heart monitor in surprise as Tree Trunksreveals himself to be the real culprit. He throws Fionna and Lord on the ground in front of Gumball, who are poisoned by Zanoits. Tree Trunks reveals that after he ate the Crystal Gem Apple he is transformed into a Crystal Gym Monster and to make him stronger he holed the Ice queen's chest and take her heart. Tree Trunks takes Cake from Prince Gumball and ties Cake in a knot, throwing her in a corner after that. Prince Gumball shoot Tree Trunks with laser beam and he turned back to normal.

Two days (and another day for the antidote) later, Fionna, Cake, Ice Queen, and Lord Monochromicorn are healed, in the Candy Kingdom's Castle's Hospital. Fionna wakes up, freaks out that Tree Trunks has turned into a monster and is in the black ice cave. Prince Gumball tells Fionna that everything was taken care of and shows Fionna and Lord that he made a new heart for Ice Queen out of Candy flesh, candy and juice. He walks over to Cake and apologizes for putting her through danger, saying that she "saw it [the five small dots next to Cake's] on the heart monitor" and she "didn't know." The episode ends with Cake tearfully saying "I am pregnant!" in English to a surprised Lord Monochromicorn. He responds,내가 새끼 고양이요 which means "I'm-- kittens?!" in english.


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