"Five Short Graybles"
Season 0, Episode 7
Production code: 100-007
Airdate: August 17, 2013
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Kent Osborne
Patrick McHale
Pendleton Ward
Written &
storyboarded by:
Tom Herpich
Skyler Page
Cole Sanchez
"The Crystal Gem Apple!!"
"Croak Dream"


Five short stories centered around a common theme.


It starts out with a strange man (Cuber) greeting the viewer, he says he will show a series of five shorts from the "days of old," all connected someway, and would like you to guess what the "theme" is. He then takes out his holo-pyramid that has pictures of Fionna and Cake, BMO, Prince Gumball, The Ice Queen, and Lumpy Space Prince. The shorts begin.

Sight (Starring BMO)Edit

Fionna and Cake leave BMO alone in the house as the claim they are going to the "grocery kingdom]" and says that they will be back in the Tree Fort in one hour. BMO then runs up to the Tree Fort bathroom, locks the door, and then asks itself "Fionna? Cake?" to make sure no one is watching. When BMO thinks no one is watching, it talks to itself, but this time in the mirror. BMO pretends to have an imaginary friend named "Football" and pretends to impress the friend by showing it that it is a "real living boy." Football is impressed by all the things BMO accomplishes like "brushing its teeth," "cleaning itself with soap," and "peeing" although BMO only pretends to do these things and does a poor job doing it. The camera then zooms out to Fionna and Cake watching BMO the whole time, which Fionna comments about BMO's strange actions when they are gone. They then check off "Prove that Beemo does weird junk when nobody is around" on their list of things to do.

Touch (Starring Fionna and Cake)Edit

For accomplishing this they try to high-five each other but fail miserably, missing the first time and hardly hitting the second and third time, so thinking that it was weak, they attempt again but this time with a running start. They succeed but they feel they can do better and back up even further for an even greater high-five. After accomplishing this achievement, Fionna says she know how she and Cake can do the "most ultimate high-five ever," and Cake says "You've gone crazy mad with power lust, and I'm loving it." There is a scene change and Fionna is seen on a catapult talking through a walkie-talkie to Cake who is in the Desert of Doom using an unknown skeleton and his stretchy powers to catapult himself, Fionna then exclaims "SUPER ULTIMATE HIGH FIVE GO!" and they are thrust towards each other. The scene changes and the graybles "Smell" and "Taste" are shown afterwards. In both shorts, Fionna and Cake are seen flying past at high speeds. Fionna and Cake both reappear in the fifth short story, "Sound."

Taste (Starring Prince Gumball)Edit

Prince Gumball is shown working hard to create a sandwich for Cinnamon Bun. He makes the cheese by spinning a cow around on a centrifuge. He then creates the lettuce by growing and shrinking a small piece of lettuce to the perfect size with chemicals, he makes a tomato by combining a jellyfish and a balloon in a transportation machine, he chants odd spells to make a loaf of bread. After doing all this he cuts up the ingredients and combines them in a unique way into what she presents to Cinnamon Bun as "the most ultimate sandwich that ever existed and ever will exist." To his horror, Cinnamon Bun places the sandwich directly in her stomach without tasting it; she then regurgitates most of it out onto hisface and the floor. Cinnamon Bun then thanks Prince Gumball for the sandwich. Behind a window, Fionna is seen flying through the air, screaming, as the scene ends.

Smell (Starring Ice Queen)Edit

In the next scene, the Ice Queen searches through her fortress for the source of a stench. She finds Gunter and accuses him of "blowing up the place" with his "nasty booty." The Ice Queen tells the penguin not to worry because she will solve the problem. She then places Gunter on a sheet of ice and sends it to sea claiming that he will never succeed in acquiring a prince so long as Gunter is "stankin' up the place." However, upon returning to his cave, the Ice Queen discovers that it still smells. With Gunter out of the picture, the Ice Queen quickly realizes her armpits are the source of the terrible stench. The scene then cuts to a penguin turning the shower knob, and we see the Ice Queen standing in the shower with her arms raised and a penguin hanging from each, both furiously scrubbing her armpits as she orders them to scrub harder. After the shower, the Ice Queen discards the penguins that were washing her in a pile of garbage by the trash cans in front of her fortress. She then turns to find that Gunter has returned, and he is soaking wet. The Ice Queen cheerfully tells Gunter of her discovery that her armpits were the source of the stench, and then she apologizes as she carries the penguin inside. The Ice Queen observes aloud that she has no idea how her armpits got so stinky, immediately after which Gunter squeezes under Ice Queen's arm and farts without the Ice Queen even noticing, revealing Gunter to be the true source of the smell after all. After this happens, Cake flies by the window, and then the scene changes.

Sound (and Touch finale) (Starring Lumpy Space Prince)Edit

The final scene opens at the Candy Kingdom Talent Show with Peppermint Butler as MC. On stage Marc attempts to make baskets, but only makes 2 out of 10. Backstage, Lumpy Space Prince brags that his rendition of "These Lumps" will ensure his victory. He proceeds to sing the song to those backstage. As he begins to rush on stage Peppermint Butler informs him that he is not next. Instead, a group of candy people go on, and to Lumpy Space Prince's horror they perform his song, "These Lumps." After they finish, a distraught Lumpy Space Prince goes on stage and mumbles the words to "These Lumps." The crowd accuses him of stealing the previous act. In anger, he throws a basketball at an audience member. The ball ricochets off an audience member and makes a basket. He repeats this twice. The audience loves it, and names Lumpy Space Prince the winner, but, suddenly, Fionna and Cake complete their final high five over the stage causing a sonic boom and falling to the ground with a thud. The audience is even more impressed and Peppermint Butler names Fionna and Cake the talent show's winners, making Lumpy Space Prince upset.

At the end, Cuber asks if the viewer learned the theme of the stories, and tells the viewer to pause the show to think about it in a snappy pose. He then reveals that the theme was the five senses to those who did not figure out what the theme was, and the show ends.


Main charactersEdit

Minor charactersEdit

  • Candy People
    • Marc
    • Chocoberry
    • Lollipop Girl
    • Gumdrop Lass 1
    • Gumdrop Lass 2
    • Marshmallow Kids
    • Donut Guy
    • Candy Magician
  • Penguins
    • Flower Girl Penguin
    • Gunter
  • Wildberry Prince
  • Blindfold Guy
  • Catapult Guy
  • Cow
  • Gumball Guardian
  • Jellyfish
  • Snail
  • Scientific Parasite