"Makin' Videos"
Season 0, Episode 5
Production code: 100-005
Airdate: August 17, 2013
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Mark Banker

Patrick McHale
Kent Osborne
Pendleton Ward

Written &
storyboarded by:
Somvilay Xayaphone
Kent Osborne
"The Fear Feaster"
"The Crystal Gem Apple!!"


After discovering government warnings prior to movies for their film club, Fionna and Cake decide to make their own, but get into a fight over the direction of their film.


The show starts off with Fionna giving drinks to everybody at their movie club, a weekly gathering where Fionna and Cake show old movies they found that are from before the Mushroom War. Everyone then gets ready for the movie, with Lumpy Space Prince complaining that Prince Gumball took his seat. Once the movie starts, Prince Gumball notices the FBI warning for arrest of copyrighting. Fionna and Cake then cancel movie night due to the fact that they believe they have been illegally showing copyrighted movies. Cake says not to worry, because the movies were made before the Mushroom War, and therefore the copyright has no power, but Fionna decides to respect authority and not show them anymore.

After everyone leaves, Fionna and Cake find an old video camera and decide to start filming their own movie. The next day they start filming the inhabitants of Ooo, but realize that this is completely random and will never make a real movie, so they must come up with a plot. While Cake wants it to be a romantic comedy, Fionna wants an action adventure. This turns out be a problem, because every piece of footage that Cake likes, Fionna hates and vice versa. All of the movie club is the cast, and once they are finally done chasing bullfrogs and filming weddings, BMO is left to do the editing. While waiting they again start to argue about whether the movie should be a romance or an action, since about half of the footage is the former and the other half the latter. They ask BMO which clips are best but he changes his screen to "back in 5 minutes" to avoid answering. On movie night, with no idea how the movie will turn out, Fionna and Cake present it to movie club in a very disgruntled attitude toward each other. Instead of the footage, however, it turns out that BMO cut the entire movie and has replaced it with his own animation which depicts all of the good times that Fionna and Cake shared during the film's production, and he sings a song about how Fionna and Cake should get along. Everyone loves the movie and Fionna and Cake see how silly they were in fighting and make up. BMO says Cake's favorite recurring line throughout the original filming, "check please.", and everyone laughs.


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