"The Fear Feaster"
Season 0, Episode 4
Production code: 100-004
Airdate: August 15, 2013
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Merriwether Williams
Tim McKeon
Written &
storyboarded by:
JG Quintel
Cole Sanchez
"Finn and Jake"
"Makin' Videos"


Fionna discovers she's afraid of the ocean, so she enlists Cake's help to overcome her fear or risk failure.


The episode begins with a quote by "Pat McHale": "In the dark recesses of the mind, a disease known as FEAR feasts upon the souls of those who cannot overcome its power..."

Fionna and Cake chase a Fire Newt after she steals boots. They say that if newts steal boots, the penalty is "poots on newts." When Cake decides to fight the Newt by "pooting" on it, she chases it into the ocean, but when Fionna tries to catch up with Cake, Fionna backs up from the waves and freaks out. Suddenly, her bellybutton gurgles and out comes a dark, evil cloud-like entity called the Fear Feaster, who explains he is the manifestation of Fionna's ocean fear and tells her that she can never be a heroine if she cannot overcome her fear. After the Fire Newt is defeated, Cake goes back on land and Fionna tells Cake that she thinks she is afraid of the ocean, and wants Cake's help to overcome her fear. Cake decides to help and Fionna with his fear. When Cake moves Fionna's feet to help her get into the ocean, Fionna jumps on Cake's head and yells at her to bring back on land. Cake decides to resume it tomorrow. Fionna wants to restart now, but overreacts over one tiny drop from one of the waves, and Fionna agrees on Cake's decision.

The next day, Cake wakes Fionna up and reveals that she moved Fionna's room into the ocean with a "three-step plan" to help overcome her fear. As Fionna begins to panic, Cake reveals she has contained Fionna by tying her up in her sleeping bag. Finn tries to calm down, but when Jake dunks Finn's head into the ocean with his jowl, Fionna finally breaks free and jumps on Cake, then beats her up. Fionna uses Cake's ears as sails to get to a ruined building, and Cake decides to give up, as she is sick of Fionna always beating hwe up whenever she gets too terrified. Cake decides to help Fionna one more time, but makes Fionna promise not to beat her up anymore and to only speak in rhymes. Cake brings a submarine (which he refers to as a "sea cucumber") and she and Fionna both go down into the depths of the ocean with it. Fionna is scared at first, but when Cake tells her to open up her eyes, she sees the true beauty of the ocean, but when Cake tries to dive in to a black abyss, Fionna breaks her promise, and goes nuts tying to make the controls go to the surface while beating up Cake. She make a missile shoot from the submarine, which hits a building. It crashes down on the submarine and causes a hull breach. Fionna then puts on her diving suit and pulls the emergency cord, making her float up back to the top of the ocean, but Cake was knocked unconscious during the incident and sinks to the bottom. The Fear Feaster arrives and tells Fionna that she can't overcome her fear, and now Cake is going to die. Since Fionna can't handle being in the ocean awake, Fionna knocks herself out and sinks to the bottom of the ocean, dragging Fear Feaster with her.

Fionna reaches the bottom and wakes up after Shrimp clink on her helmet. When he wakes Cake up, Cake tells Fionna they are at the bottom of the ocean. Fionna screams and tries to pull her emergency cord to get back up, but it won't work twice, and Cake decides to pull hers to help her and Fionna get back on land. Cake congratulates Fionna on conquering her fear, but Fear Feaster shows up again and tells Fionna she will never be a heroine if she is scared of the ocean. Suddenly, a limo appears and Three Wise Women come out of it, telling Fionna that Fear Feaster is wrong and Fionna truly is a heroine. The Wise Women and Fear Feaster go back inside Fionna, she and Cake then celebrate over Fionna's victory.

The episode finishes with another quote by "Pat McHale":

"And so fear is forced deep within the soul of a heroine. least, for now..."


Major charactersEdit

Minor charactersEdit

  • Fire Newt
  • Three Wise Women
  • Shrimp
  • Limousine Driver
  • Snail